25 December 2010

Want to support a professional cycling team?

Turns out it's as easy as buying a 400 Euro watch.

Michael Rasmussen's bacon got saved a few months ago when his biggest fan, Christina Hembo, decided that supporting his cycling lifestyle was in her best interests.

ASIDE – I wonder how that makes her husband feel.

I read today on Cyclingnews.com that in an effort to raise money for the team Christina is offering a limited edition watch and that 200 Euro from each sale will go directly toward the team. And with features like these, who can resist?

Bracelet: shiny and brushed
Bezel: Turnable

But wait, there's more.

The signature of both Christina Hembo and Michael Rasmussen will be emblazoned on the black case under the dial. And on the left side of the watch case is the route profile of The Chicken's greatest stage victory. According to Christina anyway. You can even get them with a yellow bezel – no doubt signifying the yellow jersey that was (unfairly of course) ripped from the shoulders of Michael during the 2007 Tour de France when he got ejected.

All I can say is Michael must really LOVE cycling because even if this team gets off the ground, he has a long way to go before he ever gets invited to any top tier races. First of all Team Christina Watches is a UCI Continental Team. This means no automatic entry into anything. Second of all most of the race organizers have shown they are reluctant to invite athletes that have been convicted of any offense; especially if they don't seem to show any remorse. If you're likable and apologize like Ivan Basso you have a chance. If you're living in denial, good luck. Thirdly the guy is 36 years old which doesn't exactly put any spring in this chicken.

Still, pretty cool to have a personal sponsor.

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