23 December 2010

training-ride | Seattle Multisport

4 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
Distance ride – 28 miles Power TT #1 – 329 watts
TT #2 – 306 watts
Time Total (ride) – 1:30
TT #1 – 15:35?
TT #2 – 15:45?
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Breakfast 3:30 AM – cereal
Workout Food half of a large bottle w/3 scoops Sustained Energy
Workout Type  
Weather low 40s, calm at first, some wind by the end, light rain on and off
Equipment Rain Bike

Oh man, I hate it when I can't sleep. The classic scenario goes something like this.

  • Wake up around 2 AM. Sometimes it's because I have to go to the bathroom, sometimes I have no idea what woke me.
  • Try various positions in bed but none let keeping my eyes closed feel very natural or relaxing.
  • Look at the clock and see it's still only about 2:30.
  • Toss and turn some more and finally decide it's fruitless and get our of bed.

In attendance today were RC R, Justin A, Ryan D and Tim F. Great group.

We did a lap of Mercer Island and it was fine except I felt like I was SO blind this morning... I concurred this with RC and Ryan who were also exclaiming how hard it was to see anything today. We (read: I) kept riding off the road and narrowly missing all sorts of things like guardrails and reflectors.

In the end I felt okay but not special.

At Seattle Multisport it was test time which means we do two 10 km TTs and average the watts to get our threshold power for future workouts. The course is always the same, the ever popular rolling route that you can do entirely in the big ring.

We take off and soon I realize that Greg K and I will be close to each other all the way to the end. Unlike the 2x20 workout, this is kind of a race and we both did our best to surge at the finish sustaining over 400 watts for the last climb.

When we started the second TT I could tell right away that I was not going to be as good. Greg pulled away from me slowly and although I had a similar/good finish I did not have the same intensity or focus and was more tired.

Last time we tested I averaged 330 watts (229 and 331) so this time was worse.

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