11 December 2010

training-team ride

4 Time
of Day
9:00 AM
Distance 60 miles Power  
Time Total – 4:15
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Breakfast 6:30 AM – cereal
Workout Food 2 large bottles each w/3 scoops Perpetuem, PowerBar, 1 shot of gel
Workout Type  
Weather low to mid 40s, dry to start and then light rain by the end, not much wind
Equipment Rain Bike
Clothing Sugoi shoe covers, Roubaix knickers, Roubaix leg warmers, Craft long sleeve undershirt, long sleeve jersey, wind vest, OR Gripper gloves, cap

A real ride! Nice.

Lots of people showed up including Ryan G, Tim F, Suzie and Greg K, Guy T, Tony B, RC R, Jeff D and others. The goal was to do some hills and Guy was on a fixed gear (78"?) so bravo for him...

We did not go too hard until we hit Tiger and then the pace ramped up some. Ryan was at the front looking like it was no problem and then came Jeff, a new guy, Greg and me. Coming back over Tiger we took it a little easier.

Next up was Squak and damn is that a steep hill. This time I was not able to hang with the front runners and was solo to the top. Those guys just make it look so easy, they were chatting most of the way up for Christ's sake.

ASIDE – my 'new' rain bike is fantastic. I really like it more than my old Bianchi. It's gotta be at least one or two pounds lighter and it handles better. I was up way early this AM getting ready and I'm glad I did.

After Squak it was pretty tame all the way home but I was bushed. I noticed again (too late of course) that I am not eating enough early on in the ride. That and I have not ben doing any long rides so fitness is a factor too.

On the way home RC blew up his rear tire. It was absolutely like a gun going off and Ryan said it caused his first military flash back. Nice. Not. I felt really bad, none of us had anything to fix it with and he had to call home for a ride. That stinks, especially when you are wet and cold.

By the time we crossed the I-90 bridge I was done good and proper and my left hamstring started to twinge again like it was about to cramp. It felt really good to get back home and eat. And shower. And not ride any more. I am such a wuss... 60 miles and I can barely maintain. Not that I was whining during the ride – I was loving it actually. It felt so good to get out on this bike and to ride with friends and to ride up some real hills.

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