22 December 2010

one that makes my pants feel tight

One of the best 'cycling' blogs around has got to the All Hail the Black Market. Stevil consistently brings the humor, sarcasm, straight up ridicule and irony that is requisite (or should be) for all blogs in general. I mean if you just want the news, go read some mainstream news site, right? Not me, I'm looking for opinions and rants and this site boasts plenty of both.

In addition to loving well written diatribes about ultra niche activities like cycling I also love memorable quotes. Invariably – and sometimes to the dismay of my wife – I'm that guy who repeats the punch line of a joke several seconds after it has been delivered and then again and way too often for the rest of the evening. So it's no wonder that when I see a catch line I cling to it, try to immortalize it and of course share it with the world.

In a post today Stevil was showing off a bike build by an acquaintance and described it as, "one that makes my pants feel tight".


Oh man did that slay me.



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