15 December 2010

training-stairs | run

6 Time
of Day
stairs - 6:00 AM
run – 12:00 PM
Distance stairs – 13 flights Power  
Time Total (stairs) – 1:06
Total (run) – 30 min
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Breakfast 8:30 AM – vat of yogurt, jam, hot cereal, 1 scoop protein powder, banana, water
Workout Food stairs - nuun
Workout Type  
Weather low 40s, dry sky, damp ground, partly cloudy, pretty calm
Course stairs - Howe Street
run – treadmill, 1 incline, 8 mph (7:30 min/mile)
Equipment Brooks road shoes
Clothing shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active t

Hooray for Ryan D! Man does he push me on the stairs so it was great (read: hard) to see him again. Jim K and Nelson J were also there so a full compliment was in attendance.

I managed to squeeze in two walkers prior to hooking up with Jim and Ryan and then we did nine flights alternating walking and running. After that Ryan and I rounded out the workout with two more walkers. Nice.

IN spite of the additional warm up flights, the first runner was tough. The second and third were significantly easier and then on the fourth Jim took of like a shot and was pulling away from me until we got to the street crossing. This is usually where Jim fades a bit and sure enough I passed him here and from here managed to hang on to Ryan's heels to the top.

On our last two flights Ryan and I were discussing the various sections of the Howe Street incline and we both agreed that the first flight or tow right after crossing Broadway are the hardest. To use a cycling analogy, I keep thinking that if I go hard as I cross the flat street I will have some speed built up and can 'coast' into the steepest part of the stairs. Not so. As soon as you hit that first section east of Broadway you have to dig hard or you will slow to a walk. And then you have to keep digging as the slope doesn't change until you are done. Funny that no mater how long an interval is you can still break it down into specific segments. I hear even 100 m runners need to pace themselves or at least split up the race into segments to ensure that their technique is proper in each section.

At lunch today I hit the IMA for what is hopefully one of my last indoor runs. I did 30 minutes for the second time and my IT band is feeling really good. The only thing holding me back now is running fitness which admittedly will be hard to develop while trying to ramp up cycling but it's just good to know that I am healed up so now it's up to me to maintain all the maintenance so I stay healthy and then next fall I can try again.

My goal for this last fall was to run a 1:30 half marathon and I was totally on schedule to do this... Here's hoping next fall will be at least the same.

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