05 December 2010


5 Time
of Day
8:30 AM
Distance 72 miles Power  
Time Total – 4:30
Moving – 4 ish
Speed Overall
2244 ft Max Speed
Elevation – 522
Breakfast 6:00 AM – cereal
Workout Food 2 large bottles each w/3 scoops Perpetuem and 1 scoop Sustained Energy, Builder's bar, gel, one bite of Greg's peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Workout Type endurance +
Weather upper 30s, dry, partly cloudy, calm
Course Snohomish
Equipment Rain Bike
Clothing DeFeet Woolie Boolie socks, Sugoi shoe covers, Roubaix knickers, Roubaix leg warmers, Craft short sleeve undershirt, Craft long sleeve undershirt, long sleeve jersey, wind vest, Polypropylene gloves, OR Gripper gloves, cap

A diverse but great group today; it was Greg and Suzie K, RC R, Tim F, another Tim, Steve O and Lane S.

Pretty much from the start I felt heavy and slow. But my bike felt great. What's interesting is that Greg said I was going kinda fast the first half of the ride... I sure did not feel like it and was sucking wheel most of the time.

With a group this size there was no need to all the usual stops so we just rolled past the church, etc. and didn't pause until we had to wait for a train at River Rd. That cooled all of us down quite a bit and when we arrived at Snohomish my fingers were frozen. Two words: hand dryer. I'm really glad the public restroom had one.

On the way home I tried one hard effort leading into the last climb. Greg, Lane and Steve were able to stay with me and so of course they all beat me up the hill. :) Greg sure seems to have this type of short, punchy climb dialed.

From here we noodled home. It felt so good to get out on an extended ride!

I did not realize that one reason I may have felt drained was that I did not eat much at all and my breakfast was three hours prior to the start of the ride... I had a hit of gel while waiting for the train and my bar at Snohomish but really that is not so much food. Especially since I finished with half a bottle of drink!

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