04 December 2010

training-ride (and fatal–for the bike-mechanical)

5 Time
of Day
8:30 AM
Distance 10 miles? Power  
Time Total – 1:15
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Breakfast 5:30 AM - smoothie
Workout Food  
Workout Type  
Weather upper 30s, sunny, dry, some wind out of the north
Equipment Rain Bike
Clothing Pretty much everything I own. And guess what, I was slightly over dressed.

Why can't I sleep as long as I want to...?! Sucks.

But not as much as having your fork break on a ride.

I met Ryan D and Tim F at Leschi and we headed south with the intention of riding May Valley. At the top of the rise just past Seward Park my front wheel hit a little crack in the pavement and I heard a "tick". We stopped for some traffic and not thinking much of it I stood up to accelerate out of the intersection and immediately noticed something was wrong with my bike. I looked down and saw the left fork leg was split clean in half.

Shoot. At least I was going about 2 mph. There are only a million situations I have been in where this would have been much, much worse so big picture I'm pretty glad.

After snapping the obligatory photo (thanks Tim for holding my bike) I decided to try and nurse it home. That right folk leg felt pretty solid after all... :) And it worked! I stayed totally off the front brake, made absolutely sure I did not ride over any big bumps and got home safe and sound.

As I started to ride north on Lake WA Blvd I passed this cyclist. No biggie. After a minute or so he comes past me working the big ring like it's going out of style. A couple of minutes later (my pace had not changed at all) I passed him back. Then he passes me again. The next time I rolled by him he yells, "I'M NOT TRYING TO MESS WITH YOU, I'M DOING INTERVALS!"

I think I replied, "Do whatever you want..."

Then as I'm climbing that small bump just north of Mt Baker Beach this same guy – just finishing up his last 'interval' I guess – rolls up behind me and shouts, "CAR BACK!"

Indeed there was a car behind me. Thanks Mr. Conscientious Cycling Guy for not letting me get messed with or get run over.

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