04 December 2010

that guy-Mr. prolific YouTube poster

How often can I say this? I love, LOVE, the Internet. Case in point.

Getting something on that's for sure...

Now let me count some of the ways in which I love the Internet (read: this video).

  • The room. As one commenter on another of his videos said, "Thumbs up if you love a good one man rave in your mums basement!"
  • The carpet. Is that some kind of AstroTurf?
  • The two most popular comments. Hahahaha... I swear, kids (which I guess includes me) never tire of the obligatory let-me-say-something-gay-in-an-effort-to-make-you-who-are-probably-straight-uncomfortable joke.
  • The copiousness. takeSomeCrime is a prolific poster on YouTube – holy cow.
  • He's a one man dance crew for sure. And not afraid to show it. Over and over again.
  • The hair. Just long enough so it kinda covers his eyes/face and has to continually whipped aside. One word: style. Six more: peer pressure is a powerful thing.

Say what you will, takeSomeCrime does have good taste in shoes. And, he's not afraid to use props. But based on those pants it does seem like his popularity has definitely gone to his head.

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