16 December 2010

training-ride | Seattle Multisport

5 Time
of Day
ride - 6:00 AM
trainer – 6:00 PM
Distance ride - 23 miles Power 310 watts
Time Total (ride) – 1:30
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Breakfast 4:00 AM – 2 bananas
Workout Food ride – large bottle w/3 scoops Sustained Energy
trainer - nuun
Workout Type  
Weather 40-42, dry sky, damp ground, cloudy
Equipment Rain Bike

It was a good day. I got out for a real (read: outdoor) ride and had a reasonable evening at Seattle Multisport.

This AM I connected with Greg K, Ryan D and RC R. Greg wanted to go easier as we were going to hit the trainer later on and Ryan and RC did not have an issue with that so we just rolled south. RC has been having a rash of bad luck with flats and that trend continued as he lost air in his front tire at Leschi. Not a big deal tho and we got going pretty quick.

On the way back we went up Alder. Greg had been there Tuesday and said this street had been subjected to a massive mud slide closing the road so we wanted to check it out. Indeed, there was still plenty of mud on the road but we were able to ride through okay. Kinda fun in the dark. Crazy how a hillside can just slough off like that...

I did not feel tip top in the morning and once when Ryan accelerated I was caught off guard and then found I had zero interest in attempting to close the gap.

ASIDE – on the way to my trainer session I passed Ryan on Dexter riding home from work. I first passed him crossing Mercer and he beat me across the Fremont Bridge. Driving sucks.

At Seattle Multisport things went better. Last week I was not able to maintain 320 watts for both 20 minute intervals so today I swallowed my pride and started the first one at 310 watts. Things were going swimmingly when with about four or five minutes to go in the first interval my bike slipped out of the trainer! I almost knocked over the projector and Tim's laptop computer but luckily managed to catch myself in time.

After getting my bike bolted back in I tried to pedal and could not! My watts had somehow been set to something above 2500 – yikes. It took all of the remaining time in the first interval to dial my watts back down to 310 and I was able to resume just as the second interval started.

The last few weeks my second interval has been crap but not today. My cadence was a little slower than in the first but I did not die. And with five minutes left I started to feel better. With two minutes left I increased the watts by 10 every 30 seconds and it was no problem! Whew. Finishing at 350 sure felt good.

Stay tuned – Martin tries to increase that first interval and not blow his wad.

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