02 December 2010

training-Seattle Multisport

of Day
6:00 PM
Distance   Power #1 – 330 watts
#2 – 320/310 watts
Time Total – 60 min
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Workout Food nuun
Workout Type 2x20
Course CompuTrainer
Equipment Rain Bike

Ouch... today was not easy.

I think today is my first time doing this workout with my correct weight (that my story anyway and I'm sticking to it) so it was quite a bit harder than last time. The ComupTrainer software adjusts the resistance according to your weight. Tim had me at just over 160 lb so when I had my threshold power set to 330, it was easier than today when I had it set at 330.

The first interval was okay, hard but I managed to finish it. Knowing I would not be able to sustain that for another 20 minutes I dialed the threshold power down to 320 at the start of the second interval.

After about five minutes I was still hoping I could do this but soon I started to unravel. First my speed started to drop slightly from about 26-27 mph to 25 or just under 25. With about 12 minutes to go I was hovering around 24 and the slower you go on this damn program the harder it is since the power/resistance never changes unlike on the road where you can shift down and ease up. With about seven minutes to go I caved and took a five second break to coast and stand up in an effort to give my legs a short break. Two minutes later I turned the threshold power down to 310. Two minutes later I had to stop pedaling and stand for a few seconds once again.

It was like I was unraveling.

I guess the take-away is I should start the first interval at 320 and then see if I can sustain that all the way to the end of the second.

Greg K was next to me on his TT bike doing quite well in the second interval after struggling in the first and Lane was to me left just blowing up his trainer he was going so damn fast. He did the first one at 320 and the second at 330 and was doing like 30 mph the entire time. And he must weigh about 30 lb less than me. Nice.

Good stuff.

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