22 December 2010


6 Time
of Day
6:00 AM
Distance 15 flights Power  
Time Total – 1:09
Speed Overall
  Max Speed
Workout Food nuun (thanks to Ryan)
Workout Type  
Weather mid 40s, some sporadic rain, calm, partly clear at the end
Course Howe Street
Equipment Brooks road shoes
Clothing shorts, Craft short sleeve undershirt, long sleeve active t

Damn, I got in a good workout this morning.

I showed up about 15 minutes early to get in a couple of warm-up walkers prior to running (which seems to have me totally psyched out/intimidated lately) and after three flights Jim K arrived and we headed down. We walked on flight and the next time down we met Ryan D at the bottom and opted for one more walker just because. Then the fun started.

This week we were up to 10 'official' flights which meant five runners. Ouch. Right about at this point the stair workout starts getting kinda hard. And by 'kinda' I of course mean brutal.

The first runner was okay as was the second. Ryan had ridden FOUR HOURS yesterday so was feeling the effects and for once I was finishing ahead of him. Jim always seems to start fast and then stall when we cross Broadway and today was no different. On the fourth runner Jim took off like a shot from a f'ing gun and I was killing myself just to keep him within reach! I managed to get around him but god was I sucking wind at the top. Holy hate that was a hard flight.

Jim stopped after 10 flights so since we had walked one more than usual at the start Ryan and I did the last runner alone. Up until now I had been starting at the back and this time Ryan offered to let me lead. Not sure which is better... you either feel the pressure from behind or the need to catch the guy in front of you. Why is this always a race?! Because we are men I suppose.

To round out the workout Ryan and I did one more walker to 'cool off' which meant my heart rate went from about one million back down to triple digits. Oh yeah, my throat feels like it's sealing up when I do these. I get to the top and no matter what I do (walk, sit, lie down) I just can't catch my breath very fast. I turn into that guy who is wheezing and gasping – the loud breather. Stairs has got to be one of the most efficient workouts there is bar none.

At one point about six flights in I thought I felt my right knee/IT band and had a panic attack. But it never came back and I'm not sure if I really felt it in the first place. Phantom pain perhaps? Let's hope so.

On the up side my massive, 41 minute run yesterday did not slow me down at all today. Yes, I am being sarcastic.

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