24 December 2013

Amargosa Trail run

I just got the best Christmas present ever. I went for a beautiful run on the Amargosa Trail and experienced ZERO knee pain. I mean my knee was not even on the radar! I kept trying to feel something and there just wasn't anything. Zippo. Nada. Pretty fucking fantastic.
Shelley and I are in Henderson (read: Las Vegas) for the holidays and my brother in law Michael Reiter (who is also a runner) asked me if I wanted to go for a trail run. Normally I would say no thanks these days but on this day I decided to take a chance and just do it. I told him it had to be short in case my knee blew up, he agreed so off we went.

There is a new housing development near his place and with it a new trail. It's up and down and switchbacks up into the hills. We started off really mellow and right away my left knee felt great as in I didn't feel it at all! We kept climbing with a few short descents thrown in and for the first time in a long while I was able to just look around and enjoy the view.

After about 2.5 miles we came to a bridge and another housing development which seemed like an obvious spot to flip this run.

On the way back I didn't hold back so much and tried to elevate myself from a jog on the climbs and on the descents allowed myself to actually run. What a blast! I was constantly waiting for my knee to act up and it just. Didn't. Happen.

After I finished I spent a couple of minutes to read the trail signs and then figured since I felt so great I was going to head back and pick up Mike so off I went again.

Did I mention that it was warm enough to take my shirt off just 10 minutes into the run?


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