12 June 2014

bike commute

The headline - I saw some specialists to try and figure out my calf issue. It didn't help much.

The byline - I rode my bike to work and home. On the way I stopped off at the Marginal Way Skateboard Park. Very cool.

The #MarginalWaySkateboardPark sure has improved since I was here last.

Hoping to finally get some answers I headed off to see Neal Goldberg at FootWorks PT this morning. Since my appointment was not until 10:00 AM I had some time to kill and so took a new route to downtown. When I showed up south of downtown I figured hey, why not check out the skateboard park? The last time I stopped by here was years ago. It's amazing!

Skateboards Only. Indeed. #RE$PECT

Here are all the pictures.

Once at FootWorks PT Neal checked out my calf and pretty much ruled out the muscle as the source of the problem. He had me flex my calf in all kinds of ways while the muscle was isolated and then we started to explore the tibia and BANG. That's where the pain is.

The tuning fork test (press a tuning fork against your bone) was negative but now I know that the pain is concentrated right at the middle of the tibia on the left side. Perhaps the pain is behind the tibia but it's hard to tell...

I left FootWorks with the tentative diagnosis of a stress fracture. Imagine how I felt climbing back on my bike. Pretty stupid. But I had to get to work. Before leaving the clinic Neal called one of my sports medicine specialists Maxine Weyant to see if she could squeeze me in today.

No sooner did I get to work then I got the call. Short work day anyway.

Dr. Weyant did some more manipulation and scheduled an x-ray which was negative. It didn't even show the tell tale discoloration that indicates the type of chronic stress which usually leads to a stress fracture.

I left Dr. Weyant's office with the kind of diagnosis that I can't stand. "Take it easy for a few days and if things don't get better we'll perform an MRI." She managed to see me by squeezing in between patients and I did not get the chance to ask all the questions I had. Stuff like.

  • How did this happen?
  • How can I prevent it from happening again?
  • If it's not a stress fracture, what the hell is it?

I rode home feeling like an idiot for riding my bike in this condition.

ASIDE - Riding around downtown this morning I actually came to peace with a stress fracture. The pain I have been experiencing made me realize this is most likely not just a tight muscle and I figured that if I had to take six weeks or whatever off from running so be it. It's summer and I could try paddling! That or I'll just get really tan and fat. Nothing aggravates me more than uncertainty and not knowing what is messed up and thus not knowing how long I need to rest, rehab or even what I need to do to rehab drives. Me. Insane.

Did I mention that I'm a stress eater? I got downtown pretty early so stopped off at Caffe Umbria for some Pain au chocolat.

And then I had a little bag of Italian chocolates. Help.

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Weather low 60s, sunny, dry
Equipment Raleigh Mojave 8.0, Garmin Edge 500

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