21 June 2014

weights | Mercer Island on a single speed

I probably haven't said this enough so here goes, I LOVE RIDING SINGLE SPEED BIKES! Simplicity personified. I elaborate some more about that here.

But before I went riding I went to the gym and lifted some goddamn weights! Since most any impact seems to hurt my calf I thought I would try some strengthening that does not involve impact. It went okay.

What prompted the road bike ride, other than the fact that I can't run, was Dr. Maxine Weyant (my sports medicine doctor). When I saw her a couple of days ago she recommended I stop riding to work in Vans. I was like, "But they're stiff..." She pickup up one of my shoes, flexed it, and laughed. Burst my bubble why don't you. She recommended I ride in 'real cycling shoes', you know, the kind where you clip in and that have stiff soles. Gee, I might have some of those...

I took a big bottle with me on my ride and at first I thought no way would I ever make a dent in this and then by the end I was sucking it down. I got thirsty quick! Glad I had it along.

I tired to keep my heart rate above 130 (barely in zone 2) and had a good time. My right calf didn't hurt and it was a brilliant day.

Sleep 7
Waking HR  
Body Weight 8:45 AM - 186 lb.
Body Fat  
Workout Food gym - water
ride - large bottle w/2 scoops HEED
Time of Day gym - 8:00 AM
ride - 12:00 PM
Workout Type  
incline leg press 3 x 14 - 180 lb.
donkey kick 3 x 14 each leg - 70 lb.
leg extensions 3 x 14 - 135 lb.
leg curls 3 x 14 - 135 lb.
calf raises 3 x 12 each leg
wobble disk 2 min each leg
Time gym - 30 min
Equipment Kona Paddy Wagon, Garmin Edge 500

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